Fight Against Terrorism by “Closing the Internet”-Trump

By | May 10, 2016

“Closing the Internet” to fight against terrorism is proposed by Donald Trump. He thought that it could be a way to fight against terrorism and this way they can eliminate the terrorists. The US politicians are generally known as the opposite to embrace modern technology. It’s publicly boasted by Senator Lindsey Graham that he did not send any email this year. Senators John McCain and Chuck Schumer said that they check emails after some months. In the same way, Representative Jim Barton proposed to the FCC to provide power to close down social media sites that are used by terrorist. There are a lot of tech-ignorant politicians in the Senate.

Fight Against Terrorism by “Closing the Internet”-Trump

Proposal of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is in his own class. He said in a speech recently in the South Carolina, this Republican presidential candidate has laid out with his plan to prevent homegrown radicalization and terrorism, “We are losing many people in the internet and it’s time to do something. It’s time to go to Bill Gates along with many other people who understand the real situation that’s happening. We must talk to them; it might need to close the internet for some certain areas.” “Oh, this is not the freedom of speech, somebody will cry for freedom of speech. These are silly people, and we can do something with the internet for the recruiting of thousands, they leave the country and come back with them. Oh come with them. Where are you? Oh, I am fighting for ISIS. Oh come back and enjoy yourself.”

Statement of FBI

Its worth nothing of Trump’s claim of “thousands” of American citizens are involved actively with Daesh or ISIS or ISIL in any significant exaggeration. James Comey, Director of FBI, has testified before Congress in last July. He said that maybe 200 Americans tried to join with the terrorist group. The larger parts of the Westerners who have battled in Syria are the nationals of European, with an anticipated 4,000 Europeans have been joining the war up to this point.

The bigger issue, obviously, is Trump’s declaration that we can “close up the Internet” with or without Bill Gates’ help. There is no supernatural strategy for isolating rebellious and legal conduct at such scales, at any rate not without essentially upgrading both the US constitution and the Internet itself. The larger issue, of course, is Trump’s assertion that we should “close up the Internet” with or without Bill Gates’ assistance. There is no miraculous method of untying lawless and lawful behavior at such scales, at least not without fundamentally overhauling both the US constitution and the Internet itself.

Although, Trump has campaigned with big ideas, but there is not any specific recommendation on the policy. His campaign has broad themes with a promising look on many kinds of problems. There is not any way to follow any sentence that conflict with the internet’s fundamental structure – as well as the law of America. What does he mean to close the internet? Is to close the internet for individuals or for organizations, or for some specific countries?

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