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Make cinnamon mouthwash in home easily

Mouthwash is used to remove odor from the mouth. Additionally it also removes bacteria from the mouth. Having bad breath may be due to a variety of dental problems. Many people regularly use mouth wash after brushing teeth. We can buy many mouth wash which are available in the market but they contain artificial ingredients,… Read More »

Whiten you teeth in just five minutes

White teeth are not only good to see but also it increases the power of our smile. Many of us cannot smile wholeheartedly because of yellow teeth. Our unhealthy life style and unhealthy foods are the main reason for yellow teeth. Our smile is our asset and we can smile from wholeheartedly when we have… Read More »

5 healthy benefits for drinking green tea daily

n this modern era many people are drinking green tea not because of its great taste but also for its many health benefits. Green tea is very beneficial for skin, hair and body. According to a research, people who drink tea daily have less risk of stroke, skin cancer, and liver damage. If you are… Read More »