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Seven Summer Smoothies to Brighten Up Breakfast

In summer we love to drink a lot of cold drink and energy drinks. But these cold drinks and energy drinks are not good for health. We drink different drinks with our meal. But especially we drink cold drinks and energy drinks much in summer. These two types of drinks are very unhealthy and harmful… Read More »

Buttermilk Recipes to Stay Healthy & Fit in Summer

In summer the length of the day increases and for the heat from the sun makes our body dehydrated and our body loses a lot of water. The shortage of water in the body cannot meet with normally water and we need to eat something healthy. Buttermilk is very healthy and can prevent dehydration problem… Read More »

Here’s Why You Should Not Throw Away Eggshells

Almost every day we eat eggs. After eating eggs shells are always thrown into the dustbin. But do you know that there are different uses of the egg shell? You can make calcium supplements by egg shell! This is the shell of the egg can cure your joint pain. There are many different uses of… Read More »