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Fight Against Terrorism by “Closing the Internet”-Trump

“Closing the Internet” to fight against terrorism is proposed by Donald Trump. He thought that it could be a way to fight against terrorism and this way they can eliminate the terrorists. The US politicians are generally known as the opposite to embrace modern technology. It’s publicly boasted by Senator Lindsey Graham that he did… Read More »

Want to Be a Millionaire? Know 5 Mistakes are Barrier for Your Dream

Who does not desire to be rich? We all want to earn a lot of money and do many things to achieve it. But do everyone can be a millionaire? How many millionaire you see all day around you? This does not mean that you pass a middle class man have a lack of skill… Read More »

Want To Be an Entrepreneur? You Need These 5 Qualities

If you have a special quality to be a good entrepreneur then you must develop some qualities to be a good entrepreneur. Many people today are starting new business. If you want to do business then businesses should be your goal. You may also want to own a company for your developed career. But without… Read More »

Get success in life easily with these 5 steps

We all want to achieve something valuable in our life. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we win. In our life there are two types of people around us, one type of people always think about money but do not do anything for that on the other hand another type of people always do hard work… Read More »

5 ways to be innovative and creative in business

We all have some qualities which makes difference between us. People vary from culture, mind and brain. Many of us can do innovation but that cannot be applied in real life because there are some mistakes in those creations. Today I am going to discuss some amazing ways to make your innovative and creative ideas… Read More »