8 Bad Habits Making You Old Day By Day

By | May 9, 2016

We all love youth. We all love to be young and try many things to remain young forever. We take extra care for our skin and do many things to remain fit and young forever. But there are some mistakes which we all are doing everyday and which are responsible for making us old day by day. You can say that we all are being old day by day so what is new about that. But if I tell you that you are ageing fast then? Yes there are some mistakes which we normally do daily and which are mainly responsible to losing our youth soon. Today I am going to share with you about 8 bad habits which are responsible for making you old fast.

Following 8 Bad Habits Daily Life :

1. Using a lot of makeup:
Girls love to do makeup. There are many women who do not go outside without using makeup. Foundation, mascara, blusher, face powder, eyeliner, kohl and many more- these makeups are for increasing beauty of girls. But do you know using makeup everyday is harmful for skin and can make you old fast. You will suffer from wrinkles, fine lines and many more ageing problems in skin. So avoid this habit and try to look natural.

2. Skipping sunscreen cream or umbrella:
If you are skipping sunscreen cream before going outside in a sunny day then you are doing a mistake. Your skin will look old and you will suffer from fine lines, wrinkles fast. Do not forget to use sunscreen cream before going outside in summer. You can use umbrella also. Try to use SPF 10-45 sunscreen cream according to your skin.

3. Eating junk food everyday:
If you are eating junk food everyday then try to skip this. Junk food is not good for health and it can make you old fast. It affect on skin and hair very much. You will be old and ageing will come fast to you if you do not stop eating fast food every day. You will be fat and look bad habits.

4. Skipping exercises:
We all are busy in our life that does not mean that you are not giving time to yourself. You must need to give time to yourself because you are precious for yourself. Try to give time for exercises. Exercises can make you look fit, hot and sexy. You will look young and will remain young if you do exercises every day. Do not skip this because it is a very bad habits to skip regular exercises.

5. Avoiding fruits, vegetables and fish:
If your food chart does not contain enough amounts of fish, fruits and vegetables than you are doing mistake. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin and minerals. Fishes are full of vitamin and minerals. If you are skipping these then you will be old fast. Try to add more fish, fruits and vegetables in your food chart and look young forever.

6. Skipping water:
If you do not drink a lot of water everyday then you will look old in no time. Water is very necessary for our daily life. So do not skip or avoid this. Drink minimum 6-8 liter water every day and look and feel young forever. Water is a very much essential element for our body so you need to drink a lot of water.

7. Less sleep:
To stay fit, healthy and young we need proper sleep for our body and mind. We all need sleep to survive. Not only human but also all animals, birds, insects and all the living things need proper sleep to stay fit and young. For humans I think a vital indicator is sleep for overall health and well-being for mind. A good sleep in night can provide us with necessary energy for next day. We cannot concentrate on our study or work if we suffer from sleep problem. We need to sleep for 8 hours daily which is a minimum time. And we should wake up early in the morning. If we want to look young for long time we should sleep properly. But try to avoid more sleep because it can lead you to overweight problems.

8. Eating more sweet foods:
If you love to eat sweet foods more than the bad habits news is you can be old early if you eat sweet foods more. Try to drink juices which are homemade and natural. Do not eat sweets more after eating a meal. Try to avoid chocolates also. Cold drinks are rich in sugar which can make you old early before the real age. So try to avoid sweets and sugary foods to stay fit and young forever.
So do not do these mistakes and stay healthy and happy.

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