6 Beauty Habits You Should Do Every Night

By | May 6, 2016

When we stay out for all day long our skin and hair are the most affected. The sun’s UV rays affect on our skin and hair. When we sleep at night, our skin revitalizes by itself. So at night before going to sleep a little extra care is required. You don’t need any extra expensive product for beauty habits at night. You will need just few ingredients which are cheap and also available.

Follow The Best 6 Beauty Habits You Should Do Every Night:

1. Remove makeup before sleeping at night:
Many of us do not remove before going to sleep and falls asleep. And for this reason the skin can be affected by harsh chemicals for whole night. For makeup skin holes are closed and for that reason skin cannot breathe which causes bad effects on skin. Wrinkles can occur for this reason. Therefore, remove makeup before going to sleep.
2. Use two thin pillow:
Use a pillow to reduce swelling below the eye, use two pillow. Take two thin pillows when you are sleeping. Two pillows will help you to get perfect eyes for next days. Make this habit before sleeping to get perfect eyes in next morning.
3. Use toner:
At night before going to sleep use toner in your face and neck. Toner helps to maintain PH level of skin and works against the bacteria. You will get good brand of toner in market. If you do not want to use the market product rose water can be used as toner. Take cotton balls soaked in rose water and apply on the skin. Let it dry on the skin. And now apply a moisturizer.
4. Use hand cream:
To keep your hands soft use hand cream at night before going to sleep daily. If it is possible then soak your hands in warm water mixed with soap or shampoo. Soak your hands for a while .Then remove the towel and apply a good hand cream. This will prevent wrinkles by using hand cream.
5. Use petroleum jelly :
Palms need care as well as your feet also needs care. Apply petroleum jelly or cream on foot. This will prevent your feet itchy. And it will also make the skin velvety soft.
6. Tie your hair:
Some people sleep by opening their hair. But your hair should be tied when you are sleeping. The hair should be combed well before going to sleep. The scalp blood circulation will be normal. Tie your beauty habits hair before sleep.So don’t forget these things.

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