Monthly Archives: January 2016

Google’s Quantum Computer is Hundred Million Times Faster

Google’s Quantum Computer is hundred million times faster with compared to any conventional computer system. Since the announcement of quantum computer production of D-Wave that has created a definite system with skeptics. The first acknowledgement is that a quantum computer didn’t build by D-Wave, instead of that they had made a simulate a quantum annealer… Read More »

‘Skyscraper’ Chips Promise of Powerful Computing

‘Skyscraper’ Chips is an upcoming powerful computer booster for the next generation computing. A research team, which was led by Mohamed M. Sabry Aly, H.S. Philip Wong and Subhasish Mitra of the Stanford University, want to use a ‘skyscraper’ chip that they have discovered for the next generation PCs. Stacking idea of processors, RAMs, ROMs… Read More »