Fight Against Terrorism by “Closing the Internet”-Trump

“Closing the Internet” to fight against terrorism is proposed by Donald Trump. He thought that it could be a way to fight against terrorism and this way they can eliminate the terrorists. The US politicians are generally known as the opposite to embrace modern technology. It’s publicly boasted by Senator Lindsey Graham that he did… Read More »

8 Bad Habits Making You Old Day By Day

We all love youth. We all love to be young and try many things to remain young forever. We take extra care for our skin and do many things to remain fit and young forever. But there are some mistakes which we all are doing everyday and which are responsible for making us old day… Read More »

How To Finally Stop Hair Fall Naturally?

For both boys and girls hair fall is a great problem. According to hair 100 hair fall per day is normal. But more than 100 hairs are really concerning. Hair is a great asset for our beautiful look. Without hair we cannot look beautiful and nice. We can find many products which prevent hair fall… Read More »

6 Beauty Habits You Should Do Every Night

When we stay out for all day long our skin and hair are the most affected. The sun’s UV rays affect on our skin and hair. When we sleep at night, our skin revitalizes by itself. So at night before going to sleep a little extra care is required. You don’t need any extra expensive… Read More »

Masks to Remove Upper Lip Hair

Many men and women suffer from problems of unwanted facial hair. Especially women suffer more when they have hair above the lips. Due to hormonal causes hair occurs above the lip. The small hairs that grow on the area above the lips can be very annoying especially for women. These hairs can grow long, thick… Read More »